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Counting words is not a fun task to do, especially, when you have to count hundreds or thousands of words to count. To ease your pain, we offer our free word counter tool that counts words within moments.

Almost all type of text requires certain word limits. Some of these writings are strict in word limits, some are not. But the writer must understand that he needs to keep his text within a range so that his readers don’t get bored reading overly long texts. The same goes for too small texts - if your text is too small, it may not satisfy the reader, and might leave them frustrated.

That’s why every writer should be aware of the word limit. However, counting words manually to see if they fit the rule is no fun at all. On the other hand, using a word counter software can help you easily count words minus the frustration.

How the free word counter tool works

The online word counter counts words within seconds, whereas, manually it would take hours and lead to extreme frustration. You simply have to enter the text and click the submit button. The tool will accurately count the words and display the result within a few seconds.

Why is the free word counter tool important?

You must be thinking, why is it so important that they put word limit in writing?

Well. There are many valid reasons for doing so. Let’s check a few of them out:

Testing your communication skills

Given the opportunity, people would write their hearts out on paper. But that does not mean that everything they write is meaningful. The best practice of writing is expressing yourself clearly with the necessary words. That’s why we need a free word counter tool, so we can analyze if we have expressed ourselves clearly within the given word limit..

Makes grading easier

We all have experienced 200-word essay writing in school. Have you ever thought about why they put a word limit? Along with testing your communication skill, they did it to make grading the papers easier. It wouldn’t be fair to compare a 200-word essay to a 2000-word one. So, to make things fair, they would add a word-limit rule.

Use RewritingTools’ Word Counter to make your writing experience better.

So, if you are looking for a way to accurately count words in your text without spending hours on it, use the word counter software

RewritingTools Word Counter – FAQ

How do I count words accurately?

Use an online word countersoftware to count words accurately. It will not only count words correctly but will also count characters which are way tougher to do humanly.

What’s the fastest way to count words and characters?

Use RewritingTools’ Word Counter tool to count words and characters most accurately and as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between character and word?

Character: A character is a single entity of any text. It can be a single letter, punctuation, digit, special letter, or even a white space. Character is the most basic part of a text.

  • Examples of character: 3, “, Water, A, I, -, etc.
  • Word: A word can be a single meaningful letter, or a combination of multiple letters.
  • Examples of words: Water, Cool, A, I, Globe, etc.

Note: A word can also be a character; in the same way, a character can be a word - it all depends on the context of the text.

How many words are needed for an essay?

For a high-school essay, the word limit should be between 300-1000. In higher studies, an essay should contain from 500 to 6000 words depending on the depth of the topic.

What’s the best length for a tweet?

Twitter allows 280 characters for a single tweet. An average tweet is 28 characters long. To make your tweet effective keep the length short and precise with a character limit between 71-100 characters.

Is a 300-word post too short for blogging?

Doesn’t matter how long or short your blog content is, if it has substance, it will draw the target audience.

What is the difference between paragraph and composition?

Usually, a paragraph contains several sentences and talks about a single aspect of an idea. A composition, on the other hand, contains several paragraphs and is about a whole idea.

How many types of essays are there?

TThere are four types of essays –

  • Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Expository essay
  • Argumentative essay

Write a Descriptive Essay – Easy and Simple Steps