Grammar Checker

Use the free grammar checker tool to improve your grammar and create 100% flawless content. The AI-based software corrects all types of grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes and improves your writing greatly.

One of the biggest obstacles in writing great content is grammatical errors. Not just the big ones, but even one tiny little mistake can take away your credit as a writer and make your readers frustrated. That is why we need to check for grammatical mistakes and correct them to bring perfection to our writing.

But, finding all the grammatical mistakes and misspellings is not that easy. Especially, if the content is huge. That’s why we use grammar checker software for English grammar check purposes.

Create flawless, superior content with RewritingTools’ Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is built to detect errors in your text and help you correct them easily and quickly. The errors include grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation errors, etc.

To use this tool, all you have to do is enter the text you want to fix and click the submit button. The tool will first quickly scan the whole document, and highlight the errors so you can easily identify them.

When you click on the highlighted text, a suggestion will appear with the possible corrections. Click on the suggestion box and the tool will correct the previous mistake.

So, not only it detects the errors but the tool also helps you correct them easily.

Grammar Checker gives you more time and energy to focus on your content instead of grammar details.

Is it really important to correct grammatical mistakes in your writing? You can just write whatever comes to your mind and publish it, right? No. because writing is not just about the writer, it is about the reader as well.

If you have written something for your readers, your reader must understand your creation clearly. Since you are communicating with the reader, you have to make sure it doesn’t create any confusion in your readers’ minds or frustrate them either.

And using grammar incorrectly is one of the main reasons why readers get annoyed. As a result, all your efforts in writing go in vain. That’s why you need to perform a proper English grammar check. And the fastest way to do that is using the free grammar checker tool.

Our grammar checker software has some attractive features that make it a perfect tool for correcting grammar and improving your writing –

  • Our grammar checker works fast – detecting errors easily and giving you a quick result.
  • Detects small to big spelling errors, punctuation misplacing, and grammatical errors accurately.
  • Helps you correct the mistakes by providing suggestions.
  • It is a free tool – you can use it whenever you need to check grammar in your writing.

To improve your writing furthermore, use our other writing tools such as article rewriter, spell checker, word counter, etc. along with the free grammar checker tool.

RewritingTools’ Grammar Checker – FAQ

How do I learn grammar easily?

Go through these tips to get a good grasp of grammar, no matter which language –

  • Read – always keep a book near you so you can read whenever you have time. Reading leads to understanding the language and its grammar in the best way possible. Build a reading habit to gain knowledge and learn how grammar works.
  • ReListen – listening to narrations, conversations, etc. of the language you are trying to perfect helps you immensely. You can opt for interviews, lectures, audiobooks, etc. to improve your grammar as well as pronunciation and accents.
  • Practice a lot - there is no way you can perfect your grammar without practicing regularly. Practice your grammar every day by writing. As a bonus, regular practice will help you with the other aspects of writing.

How do I avoid making common grammar mistakes?

Along with using an online grammar checker tool, keep an eye on these common grammar mistakes below –

The software helps SEO specialists with the following by providing fresh, useful content

  • Incomplete sentences –incomplete sentences or sentence fragments confuse readers. Since this type of sentences lacks a clause or a complete verb, they are considered incorrect sentences.
  • Redundancy – while filler words or redundant words or sentences are not entirely grammatical mistakes, you should avoid them to keep your writing direct and concise.
  • Word misuse – don’t use a random word or its random synonym while writing. Every word has a precise meaning, and while there are synonyms that you can use, you should be careful. Use your words carefully to express yourself properly. Use a synonym-based rewriter toolto rewrite your words with proper synonyms.
  • Preposition in the end – avoid ending sentences with a preposition while writing. Some say that it’s ok to end a sentence with a preposition in casual writing, but it’s best to avoid it entirely.