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Article Rewriter

Are you struggling to generate high-quality, unique content? Use the article rewriter tool – it creates unlimited free content whenever you need it.

Rewriting is the art of recreating content. Rewriting is also known as Paraphrasing, Spinning, Rewording, Rephrasing, etc. The main goal of rephrasing is to change the visual of the text by changing words, phrases, language patterns, etc. while keeping the essence of the original content intact.

We can use the rewriting method in many fields such as school essays, SEO, thesis paper writing, and even creative writing. However, manually recreating content is quite tough and time-consuming. That’s why, we use a more convenient option for generating unique content – a paraphrasing tool, or an article rewriter.

Produce unlimited unique content with RewritingTools.

To make your content creation job easier, and more time-friendly, we present you with the free article rewriter. This article spinner tool can easily turn your old content into new and better content. The tool is built with AI technology that helps it understand the context of your content completely. And with the received information, the tool recreates the content with new words, phrases, and language patterns.

Ultimately, the tool rewrites the old message in a new way. Since this rewriter uses an array of algorithms and programming, it works very quickly to deliver unique content.

Create high-quality content in bulk.

Along withperfecting your grammar,spelling, etc. you also need to write your content in style. RewritingTools’ paraphrasing app adds a new style to your writing every time you use it.

Nowadays, not only do you need articles for academic writing, but for SEO purposes as well. And the demand for unique content in SEO is extremely high. So, either you have to hire a writer to produce unique content regularly, or, you have to write by yourself.

No need to sign up, or pay to use the tool. Use it whenever you want.

No more plagiarism

Sometimes, rewriting can lead to plagiarized content. But, the free article rewriter tool eliminates the issue of plagiarism as it always generates unique and high-quality content. You can even check the content’s uniqueness with a plagiarism checker tool and check the word count with an online word counter.

Publish plagiarism-free essays and research papers

Meet search engines’ demand for spontaneous content

Almost all of the recent Google updates are encouraging website owners to upgrade their sites’ text content quality. Unfortunately, websites that don’t have engaging original content face huge setbacks. However, the best way to get your website out of the funk is to remove plagiarized content and fill the space with thought-provoking, original content.

SEO specialists will find RewritingTools helpful to get plagiarism-free, high-quality content on the go. No need to juggle everything at once, leave the originality to the paraphrasing tool and get on with your other important tasks to improve your site’s ranking.

RewritingTools FAQ

Are paraphrasing tools safe?

RewritingTools is a completely safe software that keeps your data safe and provides you with original results. It only stores your data as long as it takes to proceed with the text and give an output. It doesn’t use user data in any way except to provide an output.

How can a paraphrasing app help to improve SEO ranking?

With RewritingTools’ help, you can improve your website’s SEO rankings.

The software helps SEO specialists with the following by providing fresh, useful content

  • Increasing organic searches
  • Bringing recurring visitors
  • Connecting with the audience and creating a strong customer-client relationship.

What are the must-have tools for students and bloggers?

Students, bloggers, and content writers all depend on great writing to get their credits. Here are some fundamental tools that every student and blogger should know about –

  • Grammar Checker – for fixing grammatical, and punctuation inconsistencies.
  • Spell Checker – to detect and fix spelling mistakes.
  • Article Rewriter - to recycle old content and make a unique, improved version of the content.
  • Word Counter – to count words and characters of a text accurately and to create precise, improved pieces of writing.

Why is content important?

Content helps the readers understand what you offer. Thus, content works as a medium between you and your audience, helping you both communicate with each other in a way. Whether you are a student or a website owner, great content will help you in the long run.Content is important because –

Why should I focus on content marketing?

If you are running a business, content marketing is a must to establish a successful business. Here are the reasons why you should care about content marketing -

  • Build trust among your audience.
  • Improve your business’s brand awareness.
  • Connect with your target audience.
  • Create a strong and influential social media presence.

Is there an online website that will rewrite my content?

If you are running a business, content marketing is a must to establish a successful business. Here are the reasons why you should care about content marketing -

Is paraphrasing illegal?

Plagiarism is illegal. Paraphrasing is the way to avoid plagiarism and create legally and ethically correct content.

How can I paraphrase my text?

There are two ways to paraphrase a text.

  • Synonym-based paraphrasing
  • Abstract paraphrasing or sentence pattern-based paraphrasing

To paraphrase your text in a basic way, change some of the words of the original content to create new content. To rewrite your content in an advanced and better way, change the sentence tone, wordings, patterns of the sentences, etc. to create unique content.

Manually paraphrasing can be time-consuming and energy-draining. So, you can use paraphrasing software like RewritingTools to paraphrase your content easily without any hassle.